Xchanges Gallery was closed in March 2020 due to Covid-19 and we are pleased to re-open with a revised schedule starting in September. We have compressed our schedule, which normally would run from April 1st – March 31st.

Planning your Visit to Xchanges Gallery – Covid-19 protocols

Planning your Visit to Xchanges Gallery


Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry announced new Covid-19 measures for the province. As of today Xchanges implements the following:

Please note that we have implemented a Covid-19 Plan for visitors to Xchanges Gallery and Studios:

  1. Visitors will enter the facility through the west gate and proceed east down the balcony to the Gallery doors.
  2. If the weather permits, windows and doors will remain open to allow for more ventilation.
  3. The capacity limit for the Gallery exhibition is 4 Visitors plus the sitting artist.
  4. Visitors will be required to sanitize their hands at the sanitizing station and will be required to provide a name/phone number for contact tracing purposes. This list will be destroyed after a suitable time frame.
  5. Visitors and the sitting artist(s) will be required to stay a minimum of 2 meters apart from each other.
  6. Masks are mandatory and Xchanges will have non-medical masks available
  7. Visitors may still control their own flow in the Gallery if they maintain social distance requirements.
  8. Visitors will leave Xchanges via the Gallery door (it will be a two-way door) and will exit down the east gate. As the Gallery door has windows, it is easy for Visitors to see and control their position around other people.
Gallery Hours

Fridays Non Social Openings 7pm – 9pm
Sat/Sun: 11am-4pm
Contact us for other times.

Check out the Events Calendar here for other information.


September 2020 – August 2021

On Now

Upcoming Exhibitions

Previous Exhibitions

June 25-July 4, 2021

Xchanges Members Group Exhibition

A Moment in Time

The physical show is finally here! Visitors will enjoy an array of 2d and 3d works from Xchanges members. This exhibit was postponded due to Covid in December 2020. To see even more members’ work, check out the online exhibition from December here.

May 14 – 30, 2021

Graham Wiebe

Wait here while I slip into something more comfortable

 Using satire to explore themes of solace, this work includes both images and objecst (and just a hint of gothic) as a way of navigating feelings of seclusion in a time of anxious encounters. Opens Friday May 14, 7-9

Please see the artist page here for more information.

April 23-May 9, 2021

Looking Glass, Photography

Lyssa Pearson

Using mirrors, water, and organic materials the artist produces a set of still life images that explore ways in which perceptions of reality can be altered to provoke feelings of unease or uncertainty, distorting expected visual cues and create images that seem untrustworthy. Opens Friday April 23, 7-9

Please see the artist page here for more information.

April 3 – April 18  2021

Gillian Redwood

Triumph of Light, Paintings

Mustard Seed

As spring begins anew, the artist uses light as lens to view hope, optimism, humour and creativity. Ushering in the light of the new season and bringing to life a canvas, originally as bleak as winter. The triumph of light at the end of the tunnel.

An Artist Talk will take place online: 3:30 pm Saturday, April 10th. Register for this free event on Zoom here.

Please see the artist page here for more information.

Dorothy Field

March 12 – 28, 2021

Iterations: Hands, Feet, Faces Japanese Paper and Printmaking

Iterations: Hands, Feet, Faces is a solo exhibition featuring print-based work, etchings and mono-prints, on Japanese-style artist-made paper. Field works with the same etching plates over and over, experimenting with various ways of manipulating the prints which were created by running her garden gloves and her tai chi shoes through the press. Mono-prints, by definition one-of-a-kind, feature faces drawn from around the world. Ultimately, the various bits and pieces come together in abstract collage. The prints push the imagery to the point where it begins to dissolve. Even so, it is always there. 

Please see the artist page here for more information.

February 19 – March 7, 2021

Levi Glass

Legroom for Daydreaming, Sculpture

Legroom for Daydreaming is a solo-exhibition of sculptural work and photo documentation that explores the alternative form and function of common objects as pseudo-technological devices. Inspired by the blurring of cultural boundaries evident in Métis architecture and the integration of research, play, and domestic design within European Court Salon inventions, these works explore an intersection of culture and discovery within the domestic device. Familiar yet strange, the works appropriate consumer designs into failed-luxury objects that explore visual phenomenon or inexplicable functions.

Please see the artist page here for more information.

Jan 29-Feb 14, 2021

Gina Luke

Laughter in the Dark: Animation and Mixed Media Installation

For the context of this exhibition the pseudo-natural can be defined as the synthetic alteration and imitation of natural elements, matter and phenomenon. The works in the exhibition gently traverse the rift between the urban and natural environment, providing a dynamic setting where light and textures from the synthetic and the organic are amalgamated into one to form pseudo-natural projections.

In a series of projections the pseudo natural is re-examined, specifically as way to explore how we relate to the natural within our synthetic environments, with pieces that specifically reflect elements of urban, digital and natural infrastructure.

Please see the artist page here for more information.

Jan 8-24, 2021

Cornelia Van Voorst

The Persistence of Love (In A Time of Disaster)

Narratives emphasizing success through victory have become inadequate in the face of a world shut down by pandemic. Instead, concepts of love, perseverance and kindness have become prominent. The emergence of marginalized voices from history and our own time allows us to access stories of resilience and resistance. Cornelia van Voorst presents portraits of roses from her neighbourhood made with resist materials such as eraser, wax and china pencil which persevere despite many dense layers of ink. Her work is an act of remembrance for those who suffer violence, illness, prejudice, oppression and poverty – who have stories of endurance if not victory to tell. 

Please see the artist page here for more information.

Dec 12, 2020

A Double Feature: Our First Online Exhibitions

Annual Xchanges Membershow – A Moment in Time – online exhibition (Gallery presentation TBD due to Covid)
Dec 12, 2020 Covid LIFE: Virtual Drawing in the Time of Covid – online exhibition

The most recent Covid restrictions may be putting a pause on our in-person activities, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the art of our members and other artists through TWO great shows – launching virtually simultaneously! Join Xchanges online via Zoom for an exciting Happy Hour double feature. Bring your lemonade, popcorn and other snacks to this exciting event. See the Xchanges blog post for more information about this event and how to register.

The Members’ exhibition page can be found here.

The Covid LIFE exhibition page can be found here.

Nov 21-22, 2020

Victoria Bridge Crawl and Xchanges Open House – online event

The annual Victoria Bridge Crawl is hosted by Arc Hive. The event brings together artists, volunteers and members of the community to raise greater awareness of the significance of the arts in our daily lives. Primarily virtual this year, the Crawl will highlight inclusivity through the diverse creative practices of artists exploring themes, materials and processes and include video tours of artists’ studios, short online demonstrations encouraging audience participation, interviews with artists, and gallery visits within Rock Bay and Vic West. This intergenerational event promises to bring out the inner artist in everyone!  See the Xchanges blog post for more information about participating artists.

November 13 – 29, 2020

F. Long, M. Babineau, C. Thomas

Dream City: Multimedia Installation

Dream City is an interactive art installation that imagines possible responses to rapid
environmental change in the world. Cast-off industrial and domestic materials become precious; nothing is without potential and possibility. Cardboard, plastic, wire and other bits of flotsam are pressed into new forms and altered by light and shadow to reflect a shifting reality in this immersive light, sound and moving art piece.

Please see the artist page here for more information.

October 16 – November 1, 2020

Liam O’Sullivan

Nature Preserve

Liam O’Sullivan

Counterpointed in small ways with several videos, the project experiments with absurdism and humor to present a landscape of playfully fluctuating possibilities, that we may explore and celebrate these unsung parts of ourselves.

Please see the artist page here for more information.

September 26 – October 11, 2020

Margaret Hantiuk

Snowbirds: Strangers in Paradise

Margaret Hantiuk

After years of working and raising a family, Margaret Hantiuk re-engaged her art practice. Her education includes a BFA from the University of Victoria and Alberta College of Art and recently she attended painting and drawing courses at Vancouver Island School of Art. Primarily an oil painter, Margaret also works on paper, both drawing with multi-media, and plein air water colours (outdoors when camping in the summers).

Please see the artist page here for more information.

September 4 – 20, 2020

Randall McGinnis

Phototextrinum: Weaving Light, Coaxing Death

Randall P.C. McGinnis is an emerging multidisciplinary artist from Victoria, BC whose art practice is strongly influenced by his scholastic and professional experience in the fields of microbiology and medicine. A recent graduate of Camosun College’s Visual Arts Program (2017), he was the recipient of the Jessie Allan Forsyth Memorial Scholarship Portfolio Award.

His most recent body of work, Phototextrinum, opens September 4th, 2020 at Xchanges Gallery (Victoria, BC).

Please see the artist page here for more information.

Xchanges gratefully acknowledges the support of the Capital Regional District arts funding in supporting our Gallery exhibitions.