Liam O’Sullivan

Nature Preserve

October 17 – November 1, 2020

The Nature Preserve – a dog park for empathy project engages with the re-naturalisation of creativity. Under the project’s extended metaphor, the preserve acts as an intermediate wild environment in that invites interpretations, perspectives, creativities, identities and allows us to stretch their legs a little. Mythology, landscape, and the painted medium is used to instigate the beginnings of a comfortable interpretation, but the specific subject within the work moves to repel any obvious or absolute reading.

Counterpointed in small ways with several videos, the project experiments with absurdism and humor to present a landscape of playfully fluctuating possibilities, that we may explore and celebrate these unsung parts of ourselves.

An Artist Talk will be held online via Zoom and at the Gallery on Sunday, November 1, 2020 at 2pm-3pm. Check out the Xchanges Facebook Live event at

About the Artist

Liam O’Sullivan is a Canadian painter working with illusion as a psychological phenomenon to promote self-recognition and neurological humility. Personification, mythologizing, parody, image swapping, cognitive biases, and the grotesque are adapted in his work to represent the cultural and psychic momentum that we all create and are swept through unceasingly together.

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