Lyssa Pearson

Looking Glass

April 24-May 9, 2021

In her series Looking Glass, photographer Lyssa Pearson uses mirrors, water, and organic materials to produce a set of still life images that explore ways in which perceptions of reality can be altered to provoke feelings of unease or uncertainty. The use of decaying organic matter in combination with sharp and reflective objects aim to distort expected visual cues and create images that seem unsettling or untrustworthy, and lead the viewer to question what aspects of the image are ‘real.’

About the Artist

Lyssa Pearson is a photographer based in the traditional lands of the W̱SÁNEĆ, Lkwungen, and Wyomilth peoples of the Coast Salish Nation. Her interest in the environment, impermanence, and social constructs has led to projects that explore the nature of light and reflections, body image, anxiety, mourning and nostalgia, and facets of British colonialism. Pearson’s interest in that which is unacknowledged or beyond the obvious leads her to consider ideas and perspectives that may be unusual or personally challenging. Pearson has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree in Humanities with a minor in Visual Art from the University of Victoria. Her work has been displayed in the University’s Visual Arts galleries and the Gallery at Cedar Hill Arts Centre, and she is photographer for experimental performance practitioners.

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