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Feature image above by Peter Loebel.

Xchanges models come from a variety of backgrounds and we are always looking for more for both online and in-person sessions. If you are interested in modelling please review the information about our life drawing sessions on the Learning section of the website and complete the form below.

We do our best to provide a variety of sessions for artists and can not guarantee that models will be scheduled on a consistent or regular basis for this reason. Some sessions have a series with the same model such as Long Pose. Models who can pose for both types of sessions (i.e. in-person and online) may have more opportunities to model. Models should consider different poses for their particular space that still provide dynamic interest. Typically poses include 1-2 minute gestures, 5, 10, 15 minute and longer poses.

Online Sessions

Modelling for online requires that models have at minimum a laptop or PC that has a webcam so that they can join the Zoom meeting and share their video camera. If models also have a cell phone that can join the meeting they can share that video as it provides more perspectives to draw from and is an added bonus for the online participants. Once your application is accepted we set up a 30 minute screen test on Zoom to review your set up, lighting, camera placement, and answer any questions you have about the processes and generally get to know you.

In-Person Sessions & Covid Protocols

For in-person sessions at the Gallery we have implemented Health & Safety protocols:

  • Models must be fully vaccinated for in-person modelling
  • Maximum capacity of 12 artists in the gallery plus the Facilitator and Model
  • Participants and facilitators are required to wear masks while indoors, are encouraged to wash or sanitize their hands, and must maintain 2m physical distancing where possible
  • As weather permits, the windows will be kept open to provide additional ventilation

These sessions include our online community and therefore a webcam and Zoom session are happening simultaneously with the in-person participants. No recording of the session takes place or is allowed and online participants have paid for their session.


Rates $30/hr CAD

Models are paid via eTransfer in Canada or PayPal for international models. Pay will be received between 1-3 days after the session. We do our best to pay on the same day, but it isn’t always possible.


Xchanges may have to cancel a session due to lack of registration. Cancellation will be determined by the Coordinators and Facilitators; in some cases sessions will still run if the minimum number is not attained so that we can have continuity. Sessions that continually have low turn out will be cancelled. Models will be notified the day before a session if it may be cancelled.


Sessions and models are promoted via weekly emails sent out to participants, the US MeetUp Groups in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle, and on our Instagram and Facebook where drawings are posted by the artists. Programs may be advertised in other media as well. Wherever possible the model will be acknowledged by the artists and Xchanges. We are working on building a promotion page with photos of the models and drawings by artists.

Codes of Conduct

Xchanges strives to protect everyone’s privacy online and in the Gallery. Photography, video recording or screen captures are prohibited at all Life Drawing sessions; Xchanges will enforce this policy to the best of its ability.

If models or artists have concerns at any session they should speak with the session Facilitator.

If artists or models have announcements or wish to share information on topics related to the session or outside the session, they should let their Facilitator know in advance.

We are always looking to improve our programs. Please let us know in the form below if you have questions or ideas to share.

Model Information Form

This information is shared with Facilitators and Coordinators and for Xchanges records.

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