Gina Luke

Laughter in the Dark

January 29-Feb 14, 2021

For the context of this exhibition the pseudo-natural can be defined as the synthetic alteration and imitation of natural elements, matter and phenomenon. The works in the exhibition gently traverse the rift between the urban and natural environment, providing a dynamic setting where light and textures from the synthetic and the organic are amalgamated into one to form pseudo-natural projections. Through the folding of diverse elements, these projections bind fractions of the urban and the rural elements into seamlessly lit forms. This area between the urban and natural is defined by illusionary projection as a way to create space for a viewer to experience and connect these differing landscapes and realities. It provides one with an opportunity to evaluate intersections and analyze how we experience and relate to them in day to day life.

In a series of projections the pseudo natural is re-examined, specifically as way to explore how we relate to the natural within our synthetic environments, with pieces that specifically reflect elements of urban, digital and natural infrastructure.

About the Artist

Gina Luke is a visual artist who gathers source material from the landscapes around her, frequently dividing her time between urban and rural BC. She works from what she calls a memory cache of juvenile heyday in which forms, colours, and sensations from the urban and rural landscape spill into her sumptuous projections. Her past work as a digital archivist assistant at the Haida Heritage Center, undergraduate study of projection, and interest in becoming attuned to these distinct landscapes comprise her interest in pseudo natural projections that offer sanctuary-esque windows to the natural world.

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