Clare Thomas, Mary Babineu, Fern Long

Dream City

November 13 – 29, 2020

Dream City is an interactive art installation that imagines possible responses to rapid environmental change in the world. Cast-off industrial and domestic materials become precious; nothing is without potential and possibility. Cardboard, plastic, wire and other bits of flotsam are pressed into new forms and altered by light and shadow to reflect a shifting reality in this immersive light, sound and moving art piece.

Over the course of the exhibit the work will continue to evolve – the world is in a constant state of collapse and regeneration. Dream City will reflect both.

About the Artists

Mary Babineau, Fern Long and Clare Thomas are Victoria based artists who met as students at the Vancouver Island School of Art and are members of BOXCARSIX Artist Collective.

Clare Thomas is a multi-disciplinary artist who makes work about home, belonging, memory, and waste.

Mary Babineu’s oil paintings and works with repurposed materials express her experience of place.

Notions of home, urban landscape and personal history intersect in Fern Long’s paintings and sculptural practice.

Each have diverse practices but have come together to work on a project in which their individual concerns and methodologies overlap to create a new and exciting way of working that pushes the boundaries of what constitutes art and how it is made. In the face of rapid, global change they are spurred to create art that is interactive and lessons the line drawn between art and the world at large.

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