Xchanges Artists’ Gallery and Studios is pleased to present its first online exhibition Covid LIFE: Virtual Drawing in the Time of Covid. This online exhibition was first conceived of when we brought our life drawing sessions online in May 2020. Artists came out in numbers we didn’t expect, and we learned so much – about how Covid-19 was impacting them at the moment and how life even before Covid-19 impacted them. We learned some surprising things and it gave us courage to keep experimenting and trying new things online. It was our models however who showed the most courage and support to help us all get online with grace, confidence and with the spirit of pioneers.

Over the summer and fall we met so many new artists and welcomed new members and models from outside Victoria – other parts of Canada and the USA for the first time. Through the summer, more than 85 American artists alone participated in the program.

This online exhibition is a celebration of life drawing – a special and age-old practice of artists and models who share a unique time together that has a purpose different from any other. Here is when we struggle and achieve little and big successes, breakthroughs, and sometimes humiliation and frustrations. There are always surprises, especially since online we all have the same perspective to draw from – unlike when we are in the studio, arranged in different positions around the model. Yet, as you will see from this exhibition, each artist – whether experienced or beginner, brings unique visions, interpretations and materials to their approach to the model.

Some of these artists have singular challenges that are different from the studio environment – unstable internet, looking at a monitor, sharing their household, physical and mental health challenges, even raging forest fires nearby, and the ubiquitous, oppressive shadow of Covid. The quiet engagement of life drawing with welcoming colleagues online is a respite, at least for a little while.

This body of work represents a tiny fraction of all the drawings created since last May. The original vision of long-time Xchanges member and Life Drawing Coordinator, Brian Chandler (whose image and drawings are also contained in this show), was that we could produce a printed book of the drawings. We may still get there, but for now, today, we can ALL access and enjoy the images here online.

We hope you enjoy this exhibition. Please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page or send us your thought via email to info@xchangesgallery.org.

Below is the list of participants and the link to enter the ‘gallery’.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Xchanges.

Heidi Bergstrom

Exhibition Participants

NameArtist (A) or
Model (M)
AJ(M)New York, NY, USA
Arunima(M)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Alex Nagel(A)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Amber Lomax(A)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Andrea Eggenberger(A)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Brian Chandler(M)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Beverly Patterson(A)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Brian Chandler(A)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Miss Natasha Enquist(M)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Danika Bezuidenout(A)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Dominique Eustace(A)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Douglas Fraser(A)Brandon, Manitoba, CANADA
Erica Violet Everage(A)Santa Monica, CA, USA
Heather  Reid(A)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Peter Hodgins(M)New York, NY, USA
Keith Jenkins(M)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Heather  Simonds(A)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Heidi Bergstrom(A)Metchosin, BC, CANADA
Leslie Graham(A)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Jessica Mosher(M)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Marilyn Stempel(A)North Hollywood, CA, USA
Mark Schmiedl(A)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Tara Nelson(M)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Marti Force(A)Seattle, WA, USA 
Mel Peppas(A)San Francisco, CA, USA
Stu Philips(M)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Celeste Ramsey(M)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Michèle Hayeur Smith(A)Providence, RI, USA
Meredith Sawatsky(M)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Pamela Millar(A)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Steve Shaffer(M)Seattle, WA, USA 
Richard Motchman(A)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Rosie Coleman(A)Athens, GA, USA
Peter Stenshoel(M)Los Angeles, CA, USA
Taryn Burgar(A)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Tenli Yavneh(A)Emeryville, CA, USA
Terry Wright(A)Victoria, BC, CANADA
Tianyu Liu(A)San Francisco, CA, USA
Wendi Chen(A)Seattle, WA, USA 
Geography of artists and models – 39 participants

Sneak Peek Gallery

Enjoy these few images before the opening on December 12, 2020 at 4pm. Please use this pre-registration link for the opening.

Enter Covid LIFE: Virtual Drawing inthe Time of Covid Exhibition

The link below will be activated at 4pm on Saturday, December 12, 2020.