Bridge Crawl 2020


Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry announced new Covid-19 measures for the province. As of today Xchanges announces that artists participating in the Bridge Crawl will NOT be onsite for this event. Visitors are encouraged to please visit the Arc-Hive website for all the digital content on Novemenber 21st.

Xchanges is thrilled to once again participate in the Bridge Crawl hosted by our neighbours at Arc-Hive. At Xchanges, six artists are participanting.

Bridge Crawl 2020 is going to be much different from last year due to Covid. Arc-Hive will be hosting a virtual studio tour that will feature video interviews, demos, and walk-throughs of studios. An interactive map of the eight locations will go live on November 21st so bookmark the link

Below is your sneak peak at the artists work you will see at Bridge Crawl 2020.

Cindy Wright

Cindy Wright is a printmaker and mixed media artist working in exploratory methods, looking for new processes and materials to incorporate into classic techniques. She continually explores concepts of texture and colour and how they relate in the natural world.Her visual arts education is a combination of self-taught and community-based programming, as well as learning from other artists. She is a member of Ground Zero Printmakers and has been a studio member of exchanges for several years.

Bill Bartlett

Bill Bartlett has been a studio member at Xchanges since 2014. His interest and participation in the life drawing community is reflected in his figurative drawings and small multi media works exploring the human form.  Working mostly on paper, using graphite, watercolour, conte and photo collage, Bill’s drawings are mounted into portfolios, containing thousands of items reflecting a love for his subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised. Bill’s bio is outlined in the studio section of the Xchanges website. Bill will be in studio 2 during this open house activity, while his 3- dimensional  works can be seen in studio 8. 

Chantal New

Chantal New is a multimedia artist working predominantly in mixed media drawing and installation. Her work explores the significance of memory and the intersections between cultural and environmental geographies. She currently lives and works on the unceded lands of the Lekwungen, Songhees, and W̱SÁNEĆ nations, in Victoria, BC.

Gillian Redwood

Gillian Redwood is a visual artist working in acrylics. She has been a studio member in Xchanges for 8 years and paints large, expressive canvases. Her work has been featured in shows internationally. Following six solo exhibits in Victoria galleries, Gillian will be exhibiting her new series ‘Homecoming’ at Xchanges Gallery in April 2021. You can meet the artist and see her work displayed in Studio 8 during the weekend of the Bridge Studio Crawl.

Maureen Calkins

I was born in rural Alberta. However, most of my schooling was in Calgary and then I perused a nursing career.  I moved to Victoria, BC where I married and raised 2 children. When the kids were 12 and 15 we travelled around the world with them for 6 months.  Since then I have travelled to 50 countries.  I retired early and have had the opportunity to study art. I graduated with a Certificate of Visual Arts from the Vancouver Island School of Art (VISA) in 2008 and received a Diploma of Fine Arts from VISA in 2010 followed by a Certificate in the Independent Studio Program, 2011. I have been investigating Ambient Sound, Music (Jazz), Travel through Architecture, Science (Biology) and Communication Towers and questioning the role new technologies have in our society and our response to them.

Richard Motchman

Richard Motchman is a painter who primarily focuses on painting people, and most of his paintings involve elements that viewers physically interact with to move and so alter the paintings. In his paintings masks can be opened and closed, inset triangular columns rotated or the sections of pillars rotated. The collaboration with the model at the beginning of the painting process is important to Richard as is the collaboration with the viewer as they interact with the paintings and create what the next viewer sees. Richard Motchman studied at the University of Victoria and has been a part of Xchanges for decades. 

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