Crossgrain Photographic Society Studio

Crossgrain Photographic Society is a registered nonprofit organization providing darkroom facilities to its members. Members have 24-hour access to the darkroom.

Our Members:

  • Kate Seymour
  • Dave Richardson
  • Greg Varano
  • Corey Anderson
  • Shane Lighter
  • Ken Miner
  • Sara Prochilo
  • David Wojcik

All members of Crossgrain Photo Society must also be current members of Xchanges Artists’ Gallery and Studios. As a member of Xchanges you are required to attend some of the monthly meetings and participate with other Xchanges members in maintaining the administrative and physical infrastructure of the society. In other words, volunteer to help keep Xchanges going.
Crossgrain memberships and fees are for a year starting on April 1 and ending March 31.

I want to join Crossgrain

Please email Kate at

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