Levi Glass

Legroom for Daydreaming

February 19 – March 7, 2021

Legroom for Daydreaming is a solo-exhibition of sculptural work and photo documentation that explores the alternative form and function of common objects as pseudo-technological devices. Inspired by the blurring of cultural boundaries evident in Métis architecture and the integration of research, play, and domestic design within European Court Salon inventions, these works explore an intersection of culture and discovery within the domestic device. Familiar yet strange, the works appropriate consumer designs into failed-luxury objects that explore visual phenomenon or inexplicable functions.

By altering familiar forms with mechanics, optics, photography, and staging with one another, the exhibition provides a dissimilar experience of the objects, technology, and domestic spaces we are accustomed to interacting with. These alterations give physical form to visual phenomenon and create curious, often humorous, situations. Combined together in an installation that would warrant leisure and interaction, these sculptures and photographs provide legroom for another way of seeing the world or the whatchamacallits that populate it.

About the Artist

Levi Glass is a Canadian artist of Métis and German descent. He has exhibited internationally at venues in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, UK, and frequently across Canada. He holds a BFA degree from Thompson Rivers University and an MFA degree from the University of Victoria. Glass’ research practice focuses on the mediation between images and objects that often result in new technologies in familiar forms. His artistic practice utilizes a wide range of mediums including sculpture, installation, photography, and new media to experiment with a similar wide range of contemporary issues from self-representation to politics to phenomenology. In addition to his own research and artistic practice, Glass has been an assistant preparator at the Kamloops Art Gallery, a member of the programming committee at Arnica Artist-Run Centre, a research assistant to The Camera Obscura Project, an artist assistant to Donald Lawrence, Kevin Schmidt and Cedric Bomford, and a sessional instructor at the University of Victoria.

You can find more information about Levi Glass at the following links:

@leviglass.ca on Instagram
@levirobbglass on Facebook

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