FREE Culture Days 2020 Event: Guided Portrait Drawing and Demo with Peter Lobel

Join us for an exciting live demonstration and guided Portrait Drawing session with artist Peter Loebel! This is a FREE event celebrating Culture Days 2020.

This online session via Zoom will explore a gestural approach to portrait drawing from life. With just a simple black rectangular charcoal stick and a newspaper block, Peter will show how to create line and shading and how to prepare the charcoal with sand paper so that  a wide variety of line weights can be achieved.

This FREE session is for anyone who wants to meet and learn some great techniques from an experienced artist or who just want to see an artist working. All levels of experience are welcome to join.

This event will be recorded for future viewing and live streamed on Xchanges Facebook.

Date: Thursday, October 8, 2020
Time: 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Pre-Registration is required – click here to register.

Participants can follow along on Zoom and practice making their own drawings using the following materials:
-Black Charcoal stick (e.g. General’s Square Black Compressed Charcoal Sticks 2B or 4B)
-Newsprint block or Drawing block (preferred 24×18 in)
-Sandpaper (120 or 150) to sharpen the charcoal stick

There will be time to share your work (if desired), to ask questions, and generally discuss portrait drawing with the artist.

About the Artist:
Peter Loebel is a visual artist whose inspirations are the human figure and plein-air (outdoors) subjects. He works with charcoal, ink and watercolour and develops his compositions from a quick gestural drawing done on site. Each representation attempts to break the static condition of the subject, revealing a vibrant movement and creating a transitional snapshot.

Peter was born in Munich, Germany and moved to Canada in 2001. He has a background in engineering and in 2010 finished his MA in Architecture. His fascination with figure drawing roots back to 2001 when he joined Basic Inquiry, a life drawing studio in Vancouver, and later joined the Board of Directors. Peter is now practicing life-drawing in Victoria and is associated with a variety of local plein-air art groups. He teaches at the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre.
Web page:
Instagram: loebelp

For more information about Xchanges events during Culture Days 2020 – September 25-October 25th, please see our HUB on the Culture Days website or search for Xchanges on their site.

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