PIDC Dissemination One: Emergence

Three pop-up events opening next weekend — Friday, February 24th; continuing February 25th and 26th!

Join us on Friday, February 24th from 5pm–6:30pm for the opening of Nowhere Anywhere Portal Passage at Errant Art Space and Camber at arc.hive gallery for opening night, followed by a live performance, Lichens, at Xchanges gallery at 7 pm.

Nowhere Anywhere Portal Passage: installation and AR experience at Errant Art Space

Valerie Salez, Evan Locke, Nicole Mandryk, Lee Ingram

Errant Art Space, 975 Alston Street

Opening Friday, February 24th — Continuing February 25th – 26th from 12 – 4pm

Nowhere Anywhere Portal Passage is a collaborative multimedia exploration into the meanings, and experience of emergence. The work couples literal and metaphorical interpretations of the theme with the technologically emergent via an open ended Mixed Reality installation. Disparate individual approaches and contributions of the four artists have collectively formed the progressive and accumulative actions that embody the process of emergence itself.

Camber: video installation at arc.hive gallery

Image by Amber Downie-Back, Jane Chan, Ebony Rose

Amber Downie-Back, Jane Chan, Ebony Rose

arc.hive gallery, 2516 Bridge Street

Opening Friday, February 24th — Continuing February 25th – 26th from 12 – 4pm

Camber is a poetic conversation between sound, installation, video and dance. Born from the collaborative efforts of movement/media artist Amber Downie-Back, visual artist Ebony Rose, and musician Jane Chan — planetary, bodily and elemental imagery are layered in an exploration of both endings and beginnings. Lulling resonant waves, porous surfaces and a flame-like body reflect the cyclical nature of the world, of care/catastrophe, presence/memory, and separation/continuity. 

What is it to let go — to dive into and embrace the comings and goings of the tide? Can we trust in the unknown and in what is yet to come?

Lichens: performance at Xchanges Gallery

Videography by Melissa Flagg

Kayla Henry, Melissa Flagg, Art Action Earwig

Xchanges Gallery, Suite 6E, 2333 Government Street

Friday, February 24th from 7:00 – 9:00pm

Mover + Shaker + Scratcher + Fluid-Stretcher make an ambitious move to become lichens. Will they be-come? This creation and improvisation process experimenting with sound, projection, and movement are emerging from the theme “emergence,” given by Physical Intersections Digital Collaborations (PIDC).

Thank You to Our Community Partners and Sponsors:

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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