Elly Heise – Who am I to you?

Xchanges is thrilled to present our first solo digital exhibition, Elly Heise. Who Am I To You? This multidisciplinary exhibition explores the potential relationships between various environments, human self-awareness, and mental wellness. Through installation, photography, and drawing, this exhibition offers several facets of experience for the viewer to connect with. Featuring an online show as well as augmented reality experiences for viewers to discover in real spaces (both at Xchanges gallery and several locations in Victoria), the interactive display methods bolster themes considered in the artworks. 

Who Am I To You is presented as part of the national Culture Days event from September 24-October 24, 2021. There will be a virtual show opening on Saturday, September 25th, from 7-8 PM PST and an artist talk online Sunday, October 24, 2021 at 1:30pm. Register for both events below.

For more information, please visit the artist page here and our events calendar.

Please see the Gallery What’s On page for more information about the exhibition and visiting the gallery in person.

You can follow Elly on Instagram @ellyheise.

Xchanges gratefully acknowledges the support of the Capital Regional District in support of our Gallery program.

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