There are two options for registration and payment of programs at Xchanges – by our Online Store or with eTransfer or PayPal. Choose which one you prefer and follow the instructions below. If you have any issues please email us at

PLEASE NOTE: For In-Person programs you must register only via the online store because, due to Covid-19 there are limited seats available and the inventory is automatically controlled on the store.

Session Selection and Payment

1. Online Store

If you would like to use our Online Store to choose your sessions and make payments using debit or credit cards please click the button. In-Person sessions can only be booked at the Online Store only.

How to use the Store:

OK Got it? Ready to Register? Click the big button below.

2. eTransfer or PayPal

If you wish to use eTransfer or PayPal you can send either of these payment methods to No secret question or password is required for eTransfer as auto-deposit is in effect. Please complete the form below so we know what you are registering for.


Registration Information

Please provide the following information. You can check your membership status on the Artists page. If you want to take advantage of great discounts for members, sign up on the Join Today! page.

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