Liz Bentley

Lock Up When You Leave

February 4-20, 2022

Xchanges Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Liz Bentley’s solo exhibition entitled Lock Up When You Leave on February 4, 2022 at 7pm. In this series of small paintings of building exteriors and large-scale paintings of rooms, the artist is tackling how we perceive the world, and then flips it. Interiors are made to feel vast or empty. Exteriors are constricted.

About the Artist

Liz Bentley, born and raised in Calgary, is a painter and photographer who recently graduated with honours from the University of Victoria’s Fine Arts bachelor program. She primarily works with acrylic, gouache, and 120mm film. Her work examines ideas surrounding memory and living spaces and the emotional connections that form out of spending time in a particular place.  

Three of her paintings were included in the fifth issue of UNTIL… magazine when the online version was launched in June 2020. These paintings, like many of her others, depict her memory of an old apartment devoid of any personal effects. A large-scale work of hers was in the recent 2021 University of Victoria BFA Graduate show, titled The End. In February of 2021, her work was on display at the little fernwood gallery, and previous to that, she was part of the Little Marks show at Kinema Studio in Victoria, B.C. 

You can find more information about the artist at the following links:

on Instagram

Xchanges gratefully acknowledges the support of the Province of British Columbnia and the Capital Regional District for our gallery programs.

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