Heidi Bergstrom is a multimedia visual artist in Victoria, BC, Canada. Her fine art practice and exhibitions include works in painting to multimedia installations. Her works emerge from and create a personal history, social and political narratives, and interactive community engagement. Heidi looks for meaning, symbolism, distortions of ‘reality’, imaginaries and disruption; she finds inspiration and interest everywhere – people, landscape, ideas and theory, current issues and philosophy.

Heidi has been a member of Xchanges for almost 20 years and is currently the President of the Board (2022/23).


Heidi’s education includes a Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of Victoria, BC (2019), Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours (1990) from York University, Ontario where she majored in studio arts and art history.  Heidi also studied visual arts full-time at the Toronto School of Art (1984-86), and in 2000 achieved a Diploma in New Media (Internet Site Design, 3D Animation, and Multimedia Production).    Heidi’s artistic background also includes dance (classical ballet) at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School and Professional Program with Goh Ballet in Vancouver, BC and contemporary/modern with Constance Cooke in Victoria, BC.

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Heidi has over twenty-five years of professional experience in the corporate and non-profit sectors in diverse production and management roles such as Creative Services Manager for Corus Entertainment (training producers in television advertising production), Marketing at Campbell’s Soup corporation, and as Curator/Director of the Durham Art Gallery in Ontario.    Heidi joined the BC Public Service in 2007 as a Director in the Ministry of Citizens’ Services. She has worked in a variety of leadership roles in IT service management, strategic and corporate planning, cross-government transformation projects, and organizational change management among others.

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