Xchanges Survey Results are in – wow!!

Well we have been telling folx for a while now that we are doing a survey, we nagged people with automatic follow ups from our MailChimp to please finish your survey, or do it if you hadn’t…we cajoled, we urged, we even offered prizes!!! Well, we have now closed the survey and the results are in – and wowee they tell an interesting story about Xchanges and this community.

And congratulations to the winners of the survey prizes:

Ken Miner wins an Opus Sketch Book Kit, and the Joan Cahill wins a wonderful Opus Studio Apron for worry free mess-making in the studio.

You can check out the full pdf document here, but here are a few tantalizing moments:

• The survey was sent to 1,090 Xchanges contacts including members, studio artists, exhibitors, drop-in participants, and supporters.
• 67% of recipients opened the email.
• 22% clicked through to the survey.
• 201 (18.4%) of Xchanges supporters filled out the survey.
• 138 completed the survey and 63 partially completed the survey.

When given the opportunity to select all of their priorities for new space, respondents prioritized:

• street access
• more practice development
• disability access

  • 40% of all respondents have exhibited at Xchanges and 34% haven’t exhibited but want to in the future.

The survey results are helping to inform Phase I of our Feasibility Study – a research document that will help us plan for the future and make some key decisions about our space.

If you didn’t get around to completing that survey, you can still help out by completing a brand evaluation form located here. This mini survey is designed for 3 people to complete it (one page for each contributor), and will provide important feedback about how Xchanges is seen or perceived by the community. Please send your forms into the email: info@xchangesgallery.org.

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