Cornelia van Voorst Exhibition Opening – The Persistence of Love (In A Time of Disaster)

Xchanges presents our first artist of the new year, Cornelia van Voorst – The Persistence of Love (In A Time of Disaster) January 8-24, 2020. A non social opening with Covid safety protocols is on Friday starting at 7pm.

Narratives emphasizing success through victory have become inadequate in the face of a world shut down by pandemic. Instead, concepts of love, perseverance and kindness have become prominent. The emergence of marginalized voices from history and our own time allows us to access stories of resilience and resistance.

Cornelia van Voorst presents portraits of roses from her neighbourhood made with resist materials such as eraser, wax and china pencil which persevere despite many dense layers of ink. Her work is an act of remembrance for those who suffer violence, illness, prejudice, oppression and poverty – who have stories of endurance if not victory to tell.  

About the Artist

Cornelia van Voorst has a studio practice in Victoria, BC, Canada, on traditional Lekwungen land.  Living with a complex form of PTSD influences her interest in the contemporary resonance of history through intergenerational memory. She engages with stories of war, trauma, grief and love that are neglected by, yet question, dominant narratives.   She studied fine art at the Northern Sydney Institute and The National Art School in Sydney, Australia.  Her studies have continued with the Vancouver Island School of Art and the Arc.hive ARC Mentorship Program.  Cornelia is Artist in Residence with the Abbey Church, Victoria, BC.  She was curator of emerging and contemporary art for the Stairwell Gallery at St Philip Anglican Church, Victoria, BC from 2012-2018. 


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