Meet the Artists in the Summer Art Project Space

Xchanges welcomes four new members to our group of Xchanges studio artists who are working in the Gallery space while it is closed due to Covid-19: These artists have transformed the Gallery into a summer project space that is bustling with creativity.

Studio A: Mike Cranny Painting, Drawing (July/August)

Mike Cranny, paintings

Studio B: Johanna Kendall. Drawing, Painting (July/August)

Studio C: Gina Luke. multimedia installation (July)

Gina Luke 2020

Studio C: Brock Zawila. Literary Author


Brock Zawila is an author from Victoria, Canada. His literary fiction has been described as lyrical and precise. He writes fiction about people who break their silences to reveal tragedy and anomie. Whether they be a composer recounting his magnum opus to the backdrop of his parent’s abandonment, or a woman seeking retirement in the seclusion of an inhospitable island, soft-spoken lament is a theme often posed in his writing.

His novel-in-progress titled, A Dome Within Falling Domes, draws on the absurdity of contemporary loneliness in a data-driven world. Disgraced data analyst, Rudy Nil, could never have known how intimate facial recognition software could be when he took a job with a mysterious software security company. After a successful launch, the software – codename BERNARD – quickly becomes a worldwide asset, and Nil, following a swift promotion, travels the world to show high profile clients how it could be used for deeper understandings of the human mind and for authoritarian control.

Brock is currently completing a Master of Arts in Writing from the University of East Anglia. In 2017 he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Victoria. In 2013 Brock was granted the Maurice Hodgson Award of Distinction. He received the International Bursary Award for prose fiction in 2019. His work debuted in The Malahat Review’s 200th issue.

If you are interested in the Gallery or Studios please feel free to contact us today and leave your comments below.

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