12 Reasons to Join Xchanges Today!

10 12 Reasons to Join Xchanges Today! The Extremly Attractive Membership offer:

  1. This year’s (until April 2020) and next year’s free Membership for all new members signed up by November 30, 2019 (April 2020 to April 2021). All returning members will receive something too – stay tuned!
  2. Exhibition Opportunities – the opportunity to be part of the Xchanges Annual Members Exhibit in November in the Main Gallery and Art Passage.
  3. More exhibition opportunities – propose to be part of ongoing Art Passage group and solo exhibitions.
  4. Even more exhibition opportunities with Priority Pop-Up Show scheduling and pricing (Fee $100 for a Friday night/Saturday or $150 for Friday-Sunday). Tag on to our publicity and promotions and a show Sponsor – advertising in Xchanges Newsletter, website and social media. We have over 800 Facebook subscribers and 600 on our general community newsletters!
  5. Discounts on all Life Drawing and Life Painting sessions. – 3x per week PLUS – weekly draws for Opus and ArtWorld gift cards!
  6. All members who exhibit at Xchanges and sell any work – you keep the first $50 of your sales! Which is more than the value of your membership and commission on the balance of your sales is only 20%.
  7. Build your own web presence with a promotional profile page on out new WordPress site and contribute blog posts and promotion here for your work and projects – coming in November 2019.
  8. Post regular bulletins of news, exhibits and events in Xchanges monthly Newsletter.
  9. Feature posts on our social media Facebook page with over 800 Followers and new Instagram page (coming soon).
  10. Build your community – engage with and make new friends and colleagues with members from the oldest Artist Run Centre in Canada every month at art openings (twice per month) and other events.
  11. Share and build your skills, abilities, and passion for the arts and community service by joining one of our important volunteer committees or organizational governance on the board of directors – or gain new experiences in an area like studio operations, exhibition curating and coordination, marketing or event management – there are many valuable opportunities and roles here, both large and small.
  12. All contributions to Xchanges, including memberships are eligible to receive a charitable donation receipt if the benefits received do not exceed the amount of the membership. Benefits can include cumulative amounts saved on life drawing in excess of $40 for example.

Convinced? Please complete the information on the Join Today! page. We will also ask some optional questions about you that help us understand our audience and their needs.

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