Alysha Farling

Opening: Friday, February 1st, 7–9:00 pm

The show runs Friday, February 1st
through Sunday, February 17th, 2019

Artist talk: Sunday February 3rd, 12 pm

Gallery Hours:
Saturdays and Sundays, 11 am to 4 pm,
or by appointment.

Tangled, a site-specific sculpture made from wire and fabric, weaves itself around the gallery like horizontal roots, tangling around itself. Using the miniature worlds she’s known for, Alysha Farling uses tiny glowing dwellings nestled deep into the sculptural tangle to explore the tension that the word ‘tangled’ holds for her. From an early memory of her hair being painfully brushed by her grandmother, to the broader feeling of being entangled in either poor or positive choices and feeling confined regardless of the options, it is a word that has exemplified discomfort and immobility.

The construction of this sculpture allows the artist to meditate on this word and attempt to redefine it for herself — to know that in nature, tangled often means strong, delicate, and full of growth. This installation aims to reflect those elements seen in the natural world, to find space to breathe calmly within its chaos.

Artist’s Bio
Alysha Farling is an emerging visual artist from Vancouver Island. She completed the Art Diploma Program at Camosun College in 2008 and then went on to Concordia University, where she majored in drawing and painting graduating in 2013 with distinction. Since graduating she has focused predominantly on creating sculpture/installations—in Montreal, Ottawa, Argentina, Victoria, and Vancouver. She has done two residencies and has a book of her drawings published through PDA PressFarling has shown at many spaces in Victoria, but this will be her first time at Xchanges. Recently she had an image selected to be part of the Commute bus shelter project. She currently lives and works out of her home studio in Victoria.

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