Sarah Houghton

Opening: Friday Oct. 7th, 7:00 PM
Exhibition runs to Oct. 23rd, 2011.
Gallery Hours: Saturdays and Sundays, 12 to 4 pm

Sarah Houghton’s drawings are unfinished inventories of herself, improvisational sites wherein the act of drawing and movement becomes the vehicle for a deep inquiry into her own psychological landscape.

Through repeated mark making, she contemplates and processes her relationship between self and the world she lives in, as well as exploring connections to her past.

Sarah Houghton adds:

My desire to explore this inner terrain grew out of childhood experiences. I had a need to create a private space for myself, distinct from my identity as part of a large, boisterous family.

For this exhibition, I have built a replica of a storage cupboard that existed in my childhood home. It recreates the clear boundary marker I required to define my inner and outer habitation. In this small space I am exploring the ambiguous relationship between my mind and my physical self. Within this room, I have limited space to negotiate this uncomfortable and provocative territory.

In the presented video work, I continue this exploration of inner/outer habitation. My body becomes the medium, how I move through time and space and creates a clear distinction as I view the work from an observational standpoint. Using line, whether with ink, paper or my body, creates connec­tions between the drawings as well as mirroring the links between thought and perception and memory. The drawing and video become hand-made documents of my presence in time and space.

On The Balcony Gallery (A Creative Space for Art):

October 15th, 2011

“Hanging out the Laundry” by Debora Alanna.
Opens October 15th, starting at 7 pm on the Balcony.

The Balcony Gallery, a creative space for art —
on the Xchanges exterior balcony: open air art

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