Nick Salvador

Building Memories

March 4-20, 2022

Rooted in an interest of the International Style of architecture (concrete, steel, and glass high-rise buildings without ornamentation) found around the world, Salvador examines how these modern buildings fit into the narrative of the city they inhabit relative to other buildings and architectural styles from the area. Expanses of reflective glass might capture clouds or the fractured facade of a nearby historic building, thereby creating a dynamic space on an otherwise flat surface. Through a unique juxtaposition of images, the lines and contours of one building bleed into the lines of another building, creating a continuous undulating surface, which is also disjointed by the act of creating a Buildingscape from multiple photographic memories.

The work in Building Memories is a continuation of Buildingscapes, which Salvador has been creating since 2005. In this series, he compares and contrasts different cities. The show features Buildingscapes from Madrid, Paris, and Honolulu, among others. All photos are taken in a similar fashion and composed similarly, making it difficult to determine which city the viewer is looking at. With the globalization of modern architecture, all cities can look the same but there are always distinct regional differences that set one city apart from another. Building Memories is Salvador’s first solo exhibition.

About the artist:

Nick Salvador, born and raised in Victoria, B.C., graduated from the University of Victoria’s Visual Arts program with Honours and Distinction in 2005. Photography—a practice he has been working at for over 25 years—was his first creative passion, then his interest in art grew from there. His training includes painting, drawing, video, graphic design, and architectural drafting. Nick has a keen interest in architecture, and he looks for inspiration through drawing and painting to develop his artistic expression with his photographic works. 

Salvador’s art has been included in several group exhibitions including the Sooke Fine Arts Show, as well as various photography contests.

You can find more information about the artist on their website.

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