April 1-17, 2022

An exploration of figurative painting that combines the spontaneity of the expressive form and the analytical input of linear contours. The Apollonian and Dionysian archetypes are combined in balanced form in this series of paintings depicting themes of nature, identity and classical influence.

About the Artist:

Lukas Mouka was born in Communist Czechoslovakia and lived there until his family immigrated to Canada when he was five years old. Moving first to Ottawa then growing up in Toronto Mouka was interested in the arts from early on. He was especially drawn to painting and he later chose to study classical animation as well to broaden his technical skills and develop a love of drawing. This influence can be seen in his work today where he sometimes uses multiple images to convey transformation and movement, two concepts that have always fascinated him.

You can find more information about this artist on their website and their Instagram.


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