Untitled — Lost in Translation III

Sandra Doore

This exhibition opens on Friday, April 7th, 7:00–9:00 PM
Artist talk: Saturday, April 8th, 2 PM.
Exhibition runs through Sunday, April 23rd, 2017.

Gallery Hours:
Saturdays and Sundays, 12 to 4 pm,
or by appointment.

Sandra Doore will overwhelm the Xchanges Gallery with her installation “‘Untitled’ – Lost in Translation III”: an installation of neon lights and works on vinyl that shows the beauty in being lost. Doore’s works of endless acronyms commonly used in texting reflect upon contemporary communication and its effect on the human psyche.

I am interested in consumer driven culture and how it effects one’s sense of self. My works act as physical representations of mental spaces formed by contemporary living. Instant gratification is central to contemporary communications and a new language of acronyms is being formed in which details are superfluous. This is what excites me and informs this exhibition. “‘Untitled’ – Lost in Translation III” is a body of work that reflects upon texting and its effect on the human psyche, personal relationships and society as a whole. 

— Sandra Doore

Artist Bio:
Sandra Doore is a Swiss-born artist currently living in Victoria, British Columbia. She received a BFA from the University of Victoria (2003) and an MFA from San Diego State University (2007). For the past few years her interest in consumer culture and how it affects our sense of self has influenced her art-making – currently her fascination for multi-modal talk inspires her artistic endeavors. Sometimes sensually and chromatically intense, other times conceptually beautiful, her work aims to explore self-construction and the external forces that conspire to make us both more, and less, human…her works act as an invitation to ponder our state of being that is constantly altered by current times, inventions and events.

Doore has a robust exhibition record across Canada and the United States and her curatorial experience include shows such as “Push Pull” and “Unnatural Wonders” in Victoria and “UCSDSU Chatter” UCSD, San Diego. She received numerous scholarships and was the recipient of the SDSU Art Council Award in 2006. Her sculpture “If I hurt, I bite” received honorable mention at Artascent in 2013. She has taught at the University of Victoria and is currently participating as an Artist in the School Program through the Nanaimo Art Gallery.

Visit Sandra Doore’s [FLASH] website at sandradoore.com

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