Group Exhibition – Online December 12, 2020

Welcome to the online exhibition Covid LIFE: Virtual Drawing in the Time of Covid.

To view the works, click on a name to filter the images by artist or model (have an (M) or (A) next to their name), or images with reflections. The filter list is also at the bottom of the page. Mouse over each image to see a preview of the title and reflection of the work if there is one. Click on an image to open the full screen lightbox to click through each image.

We appreciated the positive feedback from the 62+ attendees to our virtual opening and streaming event on Zoom and Facebook Live. We played a breakout game which was a kind of treasure hunt through the exhibitions and used some leading questions to help folks get going – there is a lot of work to view. Folks requested that we post them here:

Covid LIFE:

  1. Which model has the most drawings in the show?
  2. How many media do you see in this show?
  3. How many artists are in this show?
  4. Which model(s) have reflections in the show?
  5. What idea stands out for you in the Reflections?
  6. Name the drawings in the show that are red.
  7. Which artist has created ‘digital drawings’ of Stu?
  8. Which model has a “mohawk”?

Please leave comments at the end of the page. We hope you enjoy the show!

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