Alison Bigg

This exhibition opens on Friday, May 4th, 7:00–9:00 PM
Exhibition runs through Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Gallery Hours:
Saturdays and Sundays, 12 to 4 pm,
or by appointment.

The audience is encouraged to explore a ‘hide and seek’ setting, with cupboards and drawers to open and cloches to lift. This is designed to ignite a buried or muffled sense of curiosity. Uncanny objects/sculptures made from cast and altered soap are revealed as well as a sense of surprise, intrigue or distaste from the viewer. The cast soap is de-constructed, re-assembled and re-contextualized collage-style to create something new and curious. Sensory enhancing tools are offered for the viewer to experience more fully their discoveries. The purpose of the tools is elusive, reminiscent of a magnifying glass, an olfactory receptor, a fork or a hearing aid. “I Wonder” is an attempt to help people tap back into the thrill of unexpected discovery, resulting in stirrings of buoyancy and motivation.

Resting Place.
Search and Discovery.

Artist’s Bio:
Alison Bigg is a contemporary artist working in Victoria, B.C. She works with many different media including soap, wax, found objects, painting and printmaking. Her current work engages the senses with her sculptures that use cast soap, scent, sound, and light.

Bigg graduated from Emily Carr College of Art in 1989. In 2017 she finished an Independent Studies program at Vancouver Island School of Art. She was awarded a People and Places grant for a large project by the City of Victoria (2012) and has had several solo and group shows in B.C. She is a board member at Ground Zero Printmakers Society and is a studio and board member at arc-hive artist run centre.

Soap sculpture with tool.

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