Call for Volunteers: Xchanges Treasurer’s Apprentice

Xchanges’ current Treasurer, Jillan Valpy, has announced that the 2023–2024 fiscal year would be her final term as the Treasurer for the Xchanges Board of Directors.

Xchanges is seeking a volunteer who would apprentice Jillan over the next year (2023–24 fiscal year), to learn the process of the Treasurer’s position, so it can be handed over for the following term 2024–25, with ease. This apprentice position would start as soon as possible, with the goal of announcing someone at the upcoming Xchanges 2023 AGM.

About the Role

The Treasurer position is a dynamic and detail-oriented volunteer role in which you will learn the ins and outs of the financials of an arts nonprofit organization. Being part of the Xchanges Board of Directors, the treasurer will work closely with the members of the Board, as well as the Studio Artists and Members of the community. The Apprentice position would be a great fit for someone who has prior experience in finance or as a Treasurer, or who is interested in learning the ropes while contributing to the board of Canada’s oldest Artist-Run Centre.

The Apprentice position will initially be given smaller tasks to learn the basics of the role, before being trained in the full range of responsibilities and procedures. By the end of the 2023–2024 term, the Apprentice should be comfortable in the role and be ready to take over responsibilities from the current Treasurer, Jillan Valpy.

If you are interested in this Treasurer’s Apprentice position, please contact Jillan Valpy by email at with the subject line ‘Xchanges Treasurer’s Apprentice’.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Treasurer

Approx. 1-2 hours per week with availability on some evenings and weekends

Attending the monthly Xchanges Board Meeting (every second Tuesday of the Month, 6:30–8pm); assisting in the preparation of a monthly Treasurer’s report to be presented to the board.

Bookkeeping: Xchanges uses a third party bookkeeper to process financials; it is the Treasurer’s responsibility to provide the bookkeeper with the relevant information on a monthly basis, ensuring that it is reconciled and that a report be available for the Board, to use for general reference, budget and grant writing purposes.

Other Duties: Collecting rent from the Xchanges Studio Artists, approving weekly eTransfers for model and artist fees, liaising with the insurance provider.

About Xchanges and the Board of Directors

Xchanges Gallery and Studios is Canada’s oldest Artist Run Centre, established over 50 years ago in 1967; Xchanges has been at its current location on Government Street for over 20 years. Xchanges provides studio space to 14 resident studio artists and 1 society, while also hosting weekly Life Drawing sessions and monthly juried exhibitions in the gallery space.

Xchanges Board of Directors is a group of volunteers dedicated to the idea that as artists “together we become stronger.” Very much a ‘working board’, regular monthly meetings ensure their involvement in all aspects of managing Xchanges.  Together with members and advisors, the Board plans for the future.

All Xchanges members  are encouraged to attend meetings of their Board and are welcome to join or strike up new committees. 

2022–2023 Board Members:

Heidi Bergstrom, President
Jillan Valpy, Treasurer
Christine Scott, Secretary
Johanna Kendall, Director, Communications and Public Engagement
German McKenzie, Director, Studio Coordinator
Cindy Wright, Director, Gallery Coordinator
Gregory Verano, Director

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