Rachel Hellner

Rachel Hellner was born in London, England and, before moving to Canada, received her honours degree in Fine Art from Saint Martins College of Art and Design. After brief stints in Winnipeg and travelling up and down the West Coast in a Volkswagon bus, she moved to Victoria, where she has lived since 1993.

Rachel has exhibited her work in several solo and group exhibitions in British Columbia and Manitoba. She received her Masters in Art Education at the University of Victoria and is currently working there as a Sessional Instructor.

Taking her inspiration both from her personal experiences and from her physical environment, Rachel’s drawings and paintings reflect her interest in relationships between people and their surroundings. These take the form of landscapes, figurative work and mixed media constructions, often abstract. Rachel uses a combination of acrylics, graphite and oil pastel in her work.


Doghair Rabbit. Light Bunny.  
Circus 3 2007.
Circus 6 2007.