Richard Motchman

Richard Motchman was born in 1960 in Mombasa, Kenya. His family migrated to Canada when he was three and settled in Penticton, B.C. As a child, he did lots of drawing and "art", but when he was a teenager read about Vincent van Gogh which inspired the notion to be an artist. He attended the University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C. from 1978 to 1982, earning a B.F.A., having majored in visual arts. It was at university that Richard started creating three-dimensional figures, initially made out of paper. In 1982 he travelled for six months in Europe, spending most of his time in art museums. The experience of Renaissance, Baroque, Realist, Impressionist, and Expression­ist art seen in all its glory had a great impact on Richard and has shaped his art a great deal.

In 1983 he joined Xchanges and has been involved ever since, and until just recently was the president of this artist-run centre. In 1986 he travelled in parts of North America spend­ing a period of time in New York, visiting its museums and galleries and learning. Richard's first interactive paintings were created in 1998 and, in various forms, have been the focus of his art practise ever since. Richard focuses on his interactive painting because they make time an element of painting, and provide the viewer with choices to make.

Richard's paintings have been exhibited in solo exhibitions in B.C. and group exhibitions in Canada and the U.S. His work is in private collections in Canada, the USA, and England.


Jacquie with Mardi Gras pixie mask (composite view).

 Jacquie with Mardi Gras pixie mask" (composite view)

Matthias with Spiderman mask (composite view).

 Matthias with Spiderman mask" (composite view)

Paige with autumn leaf mask (composite view).

 Paige with autumn leaf mask (composite view)

Bromley Rock (3 positions):
Bromley Rock (position 1)

Bromley Rock (position 2)

Bromley Rock (position 3)

Near Joannie's:

Near Joannie's (position 1)

Near Joannie's (position 2)

Near Joannie's (transition)

Near Joannie's (position 3)