Victoria Edgarr

An artist-printmaker for 35 years, Victoria Edgarr has worked extensively with etching, from wall-sized monotype works to editions of miniatures. She also uses the artists’-book form, ceramics, photography, poetry, drawing, etc., focusing her attention on materials and processes, allowing for freedom of imagination and image-making.

Originally from Montréal, Victoria Edgarr studied art at Dawson College and Concordia University (BFA 1980.) In her printmaking training at la Guilde Graphique, Victoria was influenced by the revolutionary practice of S W Hayter, of Atelier 17, Paris — in his fusion of artist and technician, his philosophy of ‘collaborating with materials’, and his semi-automatist/surrealist approach to image-making.

Victoria Edgarr is currently studio manager at Ground Zero Printmakers’ Studio in Victoria, BC (on Vancouver Island).

With Alain Costaz, Victoria is also partners in Chloé, a popular signature series of hand-pulled prints featuring scenes of Montréal PQ and Victoria BC.

2008 Presentation

The Art Gallery Victoria BC (AGGV)
AGGV.April 2008: Victoria Edgarr demonstrating contemporary printmaking techniques inspired by Sosaku Hanga.


Illusions Illuminations

6 multi-media mono-prints, 20” x 26” —


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