Sandra Levy

Sandra Levy, originally from Montreal, Quebec, studied at Concordia University, École des Beaux Arts de Montréal, and Arizona State University, U.S.A. She has exhibited her works in Quebec City, Montreal, Joliette, Drummondville (Quebec), Ottawa (Ontario), Tempe (U.S.A.) and Victoria, British Columbia.

Sandra has works in private collections, in the Liberal Arts Department of Concordia University, and in Qu'apelle House, the official residence of the Canadian Government Representative in Beijing.

She has done graduate work in fine arts and in biology. Her interest in the natural world is reflected in the use of trees, tree trunks, plants as subject matter, as well as nudes.

Sandra taught in the Fine Arts Department of Dawson College, Montreal, PQ.

Sara Grey, 2017.

Sara Grey, 2017
oil on masonite
18"×24", 2017.

Window Plants, 2017.

Window Plants, 2017
pastel on paper
30"×30", 2017.

Grey December.

Grey December
oil on canvas
20"×30", 2013.

Naomi, 2016.

Naomi, 2016
oil on masonite
16"×16", 2016.


charcoal on paper
18"×24", 2010.


oil on canvas
24"×24", 2010.

Dark Towers.

Dark Towers
pastel on paper
20"×24", 2014.

Tanglewood Stump.

Tanglewood Stump
pastel on paper
19"×24", 2013.