Robert Ives

About Robert Ives

Born Robert Arthur Fredrickson, in Nelson, BC in 1969. Robert began drawing at age four, and continued throughout his life, occasionally selling pen & ink work to supplement his income.

In 1995, a traumatic personal event led Robert to finally open the box of paints his grandfather had willed to him a decade before. It took three days to paint out his emotions with his Grandfather’s oils, at the end of which he signed the painting “Ives”; and the name stuck. From there Robert began a vast exploration of the powerful medium, determined to teach himself everything he could to master the art.

In 1996 Robert approached XChanges Artists Coöperative, Canada’s oldest artist-run co-op, in search of studio space. Over the years, Robert has been the Studio Coordinator and President of XChanges, and has continued on his journey in oils — with many successful forays into sculpture as well.

In less than a decade, Robert Ives has become a notable and recognized name in the Vancouver Island art scene. His paintings and sculptures hang from Nanaimo to Scotland and his journey has only just begun.

The style of Robert’s work is strongly dependent on his use of line to create form. These forms are then enhanced by a fearless use of color.

He has been influenced by Picasso from early on, and has made many attempts at “rounding cubism”.

Some of Robert’s other influences include Dali, Van Gogh, Lautrec, Da Vinci and Michelangelo.