Paula Maloney & Wayne Cameron

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So naturally our plans have changed.

Paula Maloney

Well, not completely. You can STILL view Paula Maloney’s commercial work at: [Please note: this link will open in a new browser window.].

Plans for a comprehensive online gallery featuring her contemporary work have been put on hold because at the moment working on the computer seems like a pathetic waste of time.

For those of you eagerly awaiting news of the momentous world-changing developments in contemporary art, Paula will be having a solo show next January 2006 at the Campbell River Art Gallery. If that didn't send you in a frantic rush for your dayminder, this June she will be exhibiting in the Xchanges main gallery with fellow studio members Megan Dickie and Troi Donelly. Concurrently with that show she will be exhibiting an entirely different type of work with studio mate Wayne Cameron in the Xchanges Green Room.

Wayne Cameron

Wayne Cameron’s online gallery is on hold for the same reason as Paula's. He still has not decided what he will be showing alongside Paula's work in the immensely hip Xchanges Green Room, but he will make sure it lacks ambience for casual dining. In the meantime, please amuse yourself with some highly relevant animations by mousing on the animated arrow below. The link script is a randomizer that will (should?) load a different animation each time you click it:

Mystery Graphic   [Please note: this link will also open in a new browser window.]
Note Too: if you have turned GIF animation off in your browser you won't see much.