Madelin Emery

At a young age, I made pinch pots with clay at the beach. Many years later I took up clay again, starting with a night course at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1995. Since 2000, I have been a member of both William Street Clay Studio and Xchanges in Victoria.

Exhibits include Low Fire with Mark Maestro (Xchanges Gallery, 2001) and Centered on Clay I–IV (William Street Clay Studio annual group show, Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria, 2001–2004).

In 2004, my main project was: "Bear Reincarnate":
An assembly of over 250 handmade clay bears created to represent the number of grizzly bears killed for sport annually in British Columbia. This project aims to raise awareness on trophy hunting of grizzly bears in BC and to promote more harmonious human-bear interactions overall. The bears sell for a donation of $10–20 each and all proceeds go to programs that respect bears and promote living in harmony with them, not killing them.

Bears still available!

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Respect bears by learning more about how to react and behave around them.
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both 8" across


at the Bear Reincarnate opening, Nov. 19, 2004
CACG, Victoria B.C.
(close-up of pottery bear in top-left corner)

Bear Reincarnate, Nov. 19–Dec. 01, 2004,
Community Arts Council Gallery,
6G-1001 Douglas Street, Victoria, B.C.


7" x 3" high