Louise Monfette

Louise is an emerging artist who after several careers is now devoting her energy full-time to her art. Louise has studied at the Ontario College of Art and the Victoria College of Art, graduating from VCA in 2003. She has exhibited at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria in the 2004 Interface Exhibit and won juror's awards from the Federation Gallery in Vancouver, Sooke Art Show and Look Show.

Louise works through a theme or series.

Party Friday/Confess Saturday.  
Discard After Use.

Her current body of work relates to identity and memory. In one series, the dress is used as a vehicle to explore transitions in life as christenings, graduations and weddings. In another series, titled 'Growing Up Catholic', the images are about the symbols of religion and the feelings evoked. Most pieces are abstract where the materials chosen as wire, string, cloth, nails, and gold leaf connote memories of confinement, pain, glory, suffering and redemption.

On the whimsical side, the subject matter is ordinary objects in the environment. After completing 12 paintings called 'Ode to a Jar', a new object fetish is being sought.

To view other works or arrange a workshop, Louise can be reached at 382-3591 or lmonfett@telus.net

Ode to a Jar # 5. Ode to a Jar # 6. Ode to a Jar # 3.

Ode to a Jar # 5
32" × 24"
mixed media on canvas

Ode to a Jar # 6
38" × 28"
mixed media on canvas

Ode to a Jar # 3
30" × 20"
mixed media on canvas