Kobita Sen

I make marks on clay with a tool, on canvas with sticks of oil paint and on paper with a charcoal and eraser.

Each mark holds a specific position in relation to the other marks and to the tonal structure as well as the underlying rhythm of the form and the space it occupies. The whole is worked by constantly simplifying until the image appears out of the mass.

There is no reference point, no past, only now, only here only this. My eye sees, my body responds and my hand makes its mark. This interplay between the artist, the material and the model continues until the object being made transcends the material it is made of. And essence becomes tangible.

For me painting and sculpting is an immediate experience. The passage of time and identification disappear.

The body and the land are doorways to this process.

The purpose of my work is to create art as a conscious, parallel, sensory experience, one that is intimate to the perceiver and universal in its imagery.


oil on canvas