Karen Gillmore

Karen Gillmore is a Victoria, BC, cartoonist and illustrator. Her comics, whether vibrantly coloured with watercolours or crisply lined with pen and ink, are all-ages-friendly comics, meaning that your kids and your grandparents will like them too. Her illustration work tends towards fantasy and nature subjects, and includes children's books, colouring books, book covers, posters, and CD covers, and has recently completed illustrations for two video projects. She works primarily in watercolour, ink, coloured pencil, sometimes combining these with digital techniques.

Her comics include: Telling Tales, a collection of her own short comics; Muse, short comics about an artist and her invisible friend; Spam and the Sasquatch, a graphic novel collaboration with Nebula Award-winning science fiction author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough; and the graphic novel Mermaid Music: The Call of the Sea, Book One of Karen's long-form webcomic, Mermaid Music. She writes and illustrates The Quadra Cats series for the Hillside-Quadra Community News, a comic strip which involves alien cats and earth cats and their strange bipedal primate pets, all attempting to understand each other.

She has been a member of Xchanges since 1993 and has held the posts of president, secretary, gallery coordinator, and publicity coordinator, and has maintained a studio through three location moves.

Karen teaches comics and art technique courses at Monterey Centre in Oak Bay, and blogs profusely about making art and comics. You can read her blog and see more of her work at: karengillmoreart.comkarengillmoreart.com

You can read Karen’s webcomic, Mermaid Music, at: mermaidcomic.commermaidcomic.com

Karen also plays flute and banjo and sings, not usually while making art. You can listen to some of her music here: rabbleberries.carabbleberries.ca



(from 'Telling Tales')

Cougar Annie.

Cougar Annie
(from 'Telling Tales')


Rocky and Spam escape from the Sasquatch.

Rocky and Spam escape from the Sasquatch
(from 'Spam and the Sasquatch')

The Quadra Cats in Alien Lights.

The Quadra Cats in 'Alien Lights'
(from the 'Hillside-Quadra Community News')

The Art Muse Puts Her Foot Down.

The Art Muse Puts Her Foot Down
(from 'Muse')

Mermaid, Dolphins, and Ship.

Mermaid, Dolphins, and Ship
(from 'Mermaid Music')

Sami Dreams of the Sea.

Sami Dreams of the Sea
(from 'Mermaid Music')


(interior illustration for an upcoming children's book about tidepools by Gloria Snively)

Oystercatchers at a Tidepool.

Oystercatchers at a Tidepool
(interior illustration for an upcoming children's book about tidepools by Gloria Snively)