Claudia Lorenz

"I examine the structural changes in nature by mimicking the processes of decay, decomposition and erosion.

"This work often results in merged-media (rather than mixed-media) expressions that use found objects, rediscovered materials, and traditional painterly methods to create a vision where one is never quite sure which part is manufactured, and which part grew/disintegrated. The artworks, which range from kinetic or interactive sculptures to two-dimensional assemblages, often suggest geologic erosion of terrain, and light filtered through water, foliage, or atmosphere."

When she is not in her studio, Claudia Lorenz can be found teaching art classes at the University of Victoria, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, and at Xchanges.

  MinTidepool Stones.

Tidepool Stones
acrylic, canvas
18" × 18"

  Mining Artifact.

Mining Artifact
mule-chewed wood, acrylic, canvas
24" × 16"

  Natural Artifact.

Natural Artifact
maple wood, acrylic, canvas
39" × 26"