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o Jun. 01–17: Nicholas Vandergugten, Working While

o May 04–20: Alison Bigg, I Wonder
o Apr. 06–22: Leah McInnis, The Frog in the Desert
at Twilight

o Mar. 02–18: Clare Thomas, My Mother’s House
o Feb. 02–18: Kyle Labinsky, Pillar Of Smoke
o Jan. 05–21: Mary Babineau, The Vegas Project


o Dec. 01–10, "What a Piece of Work: the Last 50 Years"
Members' Exhibition & Open House (Dec. 02)
o Nov. 03–19: James Mulchinock, A Colony Of Things
o Oct. 06–22: Erin Berry, Pathologia
o Sep. 08–24: Karima Galvan, Forge Mind and Body
o July–August, Roy Green Summer Residency
o Jun. 09–21, Connie Michele Morey, Sarah Cowan,
& Diana Buri Weymar: Antebody
o May 05–21, Laura Gildner: Intimate Belonging
o Apr. 07–23, Sandra Doore: Untitled — Lost in Translation

o Mar. 03–18, Kate Scoones: GATHERED: painting my
father's personal effects

o Feb. 03–18, Trace Nelson: Microfauna
o Jan. 06–22, Jessica-Jean Kuyper: This Place


o Dec. 02–11, Visual Records: Exploring Narrative in Art:
Members' Exhibition & Open House (Dec. 02)
o Nov. 04–20, Sergio Rojas Chaves: Going To/Coming From
o Oct. 07–23, Carole Thompson: Expand
o Sep. 09–25, Natasha van Netten: Dark Ocean
o July–August, Rick Thomas Summer Residency
o Jun. 03–19, Victoria Edgarr: Nexus
o May 06–22, Breanna Fabbro: Coming and Becoming
o Apr. 01–17, Graham Macaulay: to gather
o Mar. 04–20, Jenn Wilson: Hinge
o Feb. 05–21, Anna Curtin: One Step Sideways
o Jan. 08–24, Elizabeth Charters: Pictures of Light


o Dec. 04–13, Xchanges Classic Assortment
Members' Exhibition & Open House (Dec. 05)
o Nov. 06–22, Susan Feilders, "Grid-Block"
o Oct. 02–18, Hollis Roberts, "Assumed Permanence"
o Sep. 04–20, Christopher Savage, "Breaking Point"
o Jun. 05–21, Yvonne Fried, "Stranger in a Strange Land"
o May 01–24, 12 artists from UVic's advanced sculpture
class, "Scheme"
o Apr. 03–19, Diana Weymar, "Objectively Speaking"
o Mar. 06–22, 2015klassen, "Who?"
o Feb. 06–22, Neil McClelland, "Bathers"
o Jan. 09–25, Sarah Cowan and Connie Michele Morey


o Dec. 05–14, Xchanges Annual Members’ Exhibition,
(AND Open House: Dec. 06)
o Nov. 07–23, Anne J Steves, "the horizon of her mind was
limited by the mountain"

o Oct. 03–19, Christine Clark, "The Birthday Party Paintings"
o Sep. 05–21, Emily Geen, "Double View"
o Jun. 06–29, Kate Irwin (curator), "Bare and Unleashed"
o May 02–25, Willie Seo, "Identity Under Construction"
o Apr. 04–27, Chris Lindsay, "I like the wind"
o Mar. 07–30, Tanta Pennington, "Emotionally Driven"
o Feb. 07–Mar. 02, Jacquelyn Bortolussi and Danielle Proteau, "lull"
o Jan. 03–26, Serina Zapf, "document"


o Dec. 06–15, Xchanges Annual Members’s Exhibition
o Nov. 01–24, Emma McLay, "Reclaimant"
o Oct. 04–27, Graham Ereaux, "The Walls of Utopia"
o Sep. 06–29, Karen Hibbard, "kittykaraoke"
o Aug. 02–11, members of the Wednesday drop-in group, "Hold That Pose"
o Ju1. 19–28, Kate Seymour, Bob St. Cyr, and Marylou
Strickland, "The Art of Black & White"
o Jul. 12–14, Karen Gillmore, "Telling Tales"
o Jun. 07–30, Ground Zero Printmakers,
"Victoria, Inside Out"
o May 03–26, Miles Giesbrecht,
"Drawing Comics Like I Was Ten"
o Apr. 05–28, Twenty Victoria High School Students,
Xchanges Student Invitational
o Mar. 01–24, Paola Savasta, "The Heir"
o Feb. 01–24, Connie Morey, "Ba_ble"
o Jan. 04–27, Todd Lambeth, "Home Grown"


o Dec. 07-16, Xchanges Annual Members’ Exhibition,
(AND Open House: Dec. 03)
o Nov. 02-25, Eva Campbell, "Reflections on Service"
o Oct. 05–28, Barry Herring and Richard Motchman,
"Fragments and Masks"
o Sep. 07–30, Maureen Calkins,
"Going the Distance: Communication Towers"
o Aug. 03–04, Xchanges studio members,
Integrate Art Crawl Exhibit and Open House
o Jul. 06–29, Meyers/Rogak/McBride/Clark,
"Alchemy on the Balcony"
o Jul. 1st, Xchanges Annual Canada Day Exhibition
o Jun. 09–24, Elyse Portal, "Urbeing"
o Jun. 01–03, immigrant youth, "Navigating Multiple Worlds"
o May 04–27, Allan Toews, "The Boreal and the Bush"
o Apr. 06–29, Christine Redmond, "In Real Life"
o Mar. 02–25, Rebekah Johnson, "Trousseau"
o Feb. 03–26, Karen Gillmore, "From the Air"
o Jan. 06–29, Joan Richardson, "Eye Thrill"


o Dec. 02–18, Xchanges Annual Members' Exhibition,
(AND Open House: Dec. 03)
o Nov. 04–27, Sandra Doore, "Horizontal Desires"
o Oct. 29th, Halloween Bash and Costume Party!
o Oct. 07–23, Sarah Houghton, "The Hidden Self"
o Sep. 02–25, Marcia Perkins, "Give ’Em the Chair"
o Aug. 02nd, MUSIC EVENT Chris Chandler and Paul Benoit
o Jul. 08–31, Thomas Chisholm, "Compression"
o Jul. 01st, Canada Day Fundraiser, "ICanada"
o Jun. 03–26, Shane Kapcala, "Bits"
o May 06–29, Ashley Culver, "Study of a Membrane"
o Apr. 08–24, Rachel Hellner,
"OCD: Obsessive Collecting Disorder"
o Mar. 04–27, Kate Scoones, "Small Truths"
o Feb. 04–27, June Higgins, "Polyphony"
o Jan. 08–30, Jillian Player, Terra Nullius"


o Dec. 03–19, Xchanges Annual Members’ Exhibition,
(AND Open House: Dec. 04)
o Nov. 05–28, Crossgrain Photographic Society,
"black is the new black"
o Oct. 01–24, Lisa Hebden, "Open"
o Sep. 04–26, John Luna, "0110"
o Aug. 13 only, Jillan Valpy, "Conventional Wisdom"
o Jul. 09–25, Laura Dutton, Megan Press, Dickson Bou,
and Dan Bernyk, "Interim"
o Jul. 01, Xchanges Fundraiser, "Candy Coat"
o Jun. 04–27, Laura Dutton, "Migration"
o May 07–30, Georgina Collins, "Friends and Family"
o Apr. 10–25, Victoria College of Art Grad Show, "Chimera"
o Mar. 05–28, Cam Reid "Blueprints in Perception"
o Feb. 05–28, Abe Murley "Recompose"
o Jan. 08–31, Suzanne Bean "Transitory by-products"


o Dec. 04–20, Xchanges Annual Members’ Exhibition
(AND Open House: Dec. 05)
o Nov. 06–29, Evan Locke, "brass tack tact"
o Oct. 02–25, Xchanges Artists,
"The Odd Friday’s Collection", and "Botannic"
o Sep. 12–27, Ground Zero Printmakers, "That’s Progress"
o Jul. 03–12, Oliver Mitchell, "Pigment Parade"
o Jun. 05–28, University of Victoria MFA Candidates, "Gamut"
o May 01–24, Carl Sean McMahon, "Resurgence"
o Apr. 03–25, Jocelyn Beyak, "Eggery"
o CLOSED — due to Xchanges in-town relocation
to 2333 Government St.
o Jan. 10–Feb.01, Clare Singleton, "Parallels of Movement"


o Dec. 05–21, Xchanges Annual Members’ Exhibition
(AND Open House: Dec .06)
o Nov. 27–30, Karen Gillmore and Elizabeth Litton,
o Oct. 04–19, Ground Zero Printmakers, "The Power of Three"
o Sep. 05–28, Jay Hanscom, "Parade"
o August — CLOSED, this month only
o Jul. 04–27, Christine Clark, "Terrible Terrible Trouble"
o Jun. 07–29, Jillan Valpy, "Rubber Sensations"
o May 30–Jun.01, GZPS and PEERS, Images from the Fringe"
o May 02–25, Wanda Hurren and Susan Underwood,
o Apr. 11–23, Jill Rockwell, "Ritual Estate"
o Mar. 03–30, Willow Cerridwyn, "Insight:Incite"
o Feb. 08–24, Louise Monfette, "Atonement"
o Jan. 11–27, Garth Rankin and Maria Tarasoff,
"Landscape Dreams"


o Dec. 01–16, Ground Zero Printmakers, "Word/Speak"
o Nov. 02–25, Crossgrain Photo Society,
2007 Annual Group Exhibit and Sale
o Oct. 04–28, Rachel Hellner, "Road Stories"
o Sep. 06–30, Xchanges 40th Anniversity Show
o Aug. 02–26, Miya Turnbull, "Somewhere In Between"
o Jul. 05–29, Majenna K., "Paintings"
o Jun. 09–30, Xchanges Life Drawing Sessions Exhibition
o May 11–31, Claudia Lorenz and Michael Brown, "Landscrape"
o Apr. 05–29, Clara Kusumoto, "Night and Day"
o (March 2007, closed for renovation)
o Feb. 10–25, Carie Helm, "Pink"
o Jan. 18–28, Victoria Edgarr, "Treasure and a Joy"


o Dec. 01–17, Xchanges Annual Members’ Exhibition
o Nov. 10–26, Barbara Berry, "Charnel Ground Paintings"
o Oct. 08–24, Annual Crossgrain Photography Show and Sale
o Sep. 08–24, Lisa Murray and Inga Römer, "Spurface"
o Aug. 10–27, Group Show, "Beneath The Surface"
o Jul. 03–19, Julie Boyd, "Kinetics"
o Jun. 10–25, Ground Zero Printmakers, "Crossover"
o May 04–11, Victoria College of Art Grad Show "Articulate"
o Apr. 01–23, Claudia Lorenz "Faux Past"
o Mar. 10–26, Heidi Bergstrom "Between the Lines"
o Feb. 03–19, Sharon Feder "Nostalgia"
o Jan. 06–22, "Somatica" group show


o Dec. 02–19, Xchanges Members’ Show
and Annual Open House

o Nov. 03–20, Ho Tam, "Posing"
o Oct. 01–23, Various Artists, "ReCreation Room"
o Sep. 02–18, Karen Cornelius, "Sugar"
o Aug. 05–21, 2005 Crossgrain Photography Show and Sale
o Jul. 01–17, Karen Moe, "Lethe: A Metaphysics"
o Jun. 02–19, "The Thingamabobs That Do The Jobs"
o May. 13–22, Victoria College of Art Graduates, "X-Posure"
o Mar. 04–20, Rachel Hellner, "Footprints"
o Feb. 11–27, Jason Gress, "Standoffish"
o Jan. 14–30, Ground Zero Printmakers, "Strangers"


o Dec. 04–19, Xchanges Members’ Show
o Nov. 12–22, Tobla Howell, "Project Telephone"
o Oct. 07–24, Marsha Laundry, "Spirit Within Form"
o Sep. 09–26, Charles Campbell, "Real Beauty"
o Aug. 08–31, Marta Baczkowska & Odette DeLaroche,
"Paintings/Mixed Media"
o Jul. 07–25, Bill Friesen and Marci Katz,
"Dance of the Damned"
o Jun. 10–26, Tracy Archinuk, "Sex and Death"
o May. 01–22, Xchanges, "Mayday Erotica V"
o Mar. 31 Event, Michael Hemming, "Primavera (Spring)"
o Mar. 13–27, Agnes Ananichuk, "Cultural Remnants"


o Dec. 04–19, "Inside Xchanges", members exhibition;
o Nov. 13–30, Marci Katz, "Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries"
o Oct. 10, "Carnival of Destruction",
Artists’ Midway & Demolition Derby
o Sep. 12–20, Jennifer Crighton, "Lilith Project"

submissions: some guidelines for those wanting to exhibit
their art in our gallery

studios at Xchanges main page:

lists photgraphy group and individual artist pages
o studio 02: Bill Bartlett
o Crossgrain: Photographic Society’s group studio
o studio 05*: Barry Herring (Crossgrain)
o studio 05*: Gregory Varano (Crossgrain)
o Studio 07c: Gillian Redwood
o studio 09: Rachel Hellner

Xchanges Non-Studio Members:

o Karen Gillmore
o Sandra Levy
o Victoria Edgarr

Former Xchanges Studio Members:
(historical records)

Bob St. Cyr: (Crossgrain)
Charles Campbell
Claudia Lorenz
Connie Morley
Gary Merkel
Joan Steacy
Kobita Sen
Louise Monfette
Madelin Emery: (Clay Tracks)
Marnie Ashlie Miiller, RIP
Paula Maloney & Wayne Cameron
pottery: Clay Tracks Studio, formerly known as
William Street Clay Studio
printmaking: Ground Zero Printmakers’ group studio
Robert Ives

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