“What Comes To Mind”

Richard Young

NOT Opening: Friday, March 6th, 7:00–9:00 pm
due to the current novel virus pandemic.

This exhibition is S U S P E N D E D

The public [was] invited to attend artist Richard Young’s first solo exhibition entitled What Comes To Mind. His colourful metal work is a representation of how he sees the world: “I am dyslexic, so it has been a challenge to explain concepts in words; instead, I found a way to express my disorganized thoughts in a static form.”

With an eye to movement, Young twists and folds sheet metal to create appealing shapes. He achieves crisp lines and inviting curves that evoke movement and inspire the imagination. He then applies bold colours, “The warm and lively colours reflect my optimism.” When placed outdoors, the form's medium and vibrancy enhance the characteristics of the natural environment.

Young’s goal is for people to observe the form and to be reminded of how saturated hues and unpredictable contours can reinvigorate the spirit.


Artists’ Bio
Richard Young is an emerging contemporary artist who works with metal, stone, and wood. He is the sole proprietor of Huxter Design.

Last year, Young took a leap. He was looking for a medium through which he could reflect his optimistic view of the world. He began to experiment with sheet metal and found that it allowed him to express his perspective without fear of condescension.

Young is an annual contributor to the Cowichan Valley Fine Arts Show. His piece entitled “Fast Fashion” enjoyed an Honourable Mention in 2017, and this year’s piece entitled “Form 1” received a People’s Choice award. He exhibited at the 2019 Sooke Fine Arts Show.

Young lives in Maple Bay, BC, with his three daughters and devoted wife.