Conventional Wisdom

Jillan Valpy

Show Opening: Friday, August 13th, 7:00–11:00 pm,
Open Stage Music and Refreshments,
1 Night Only in the Gallery.

This one evening exhibition will feature work of conventional wisdom and odd materials to construct unique 2- and 3-dimensional rubber painting and sculpture installations. Imagine swimming through a painted rubber sculpture on The Balcony Gallery that spills over into the Xchanges Gallery to find what is there?

Rubber 2.

Jillan’s use of recycled rubber concepts alludes to the gluttonous waste of the oil industry. We are surrounded by oil-based products which appear around us everywhere and in everything. This exhibition pokes fun at the absurdity and abundance of this rubber waste by constructing innovative rubber art and interactive environments out of this highly viable and perfectly reusable material.

The Balcony Gallery, a creative space for art

NEXT UP: Conventional Wisdom, by Jillan Valpy;
August 13th through September 13th, 2010

Rubber 3.


CURRENTLY on The Balcony Gallery:
Flagging the Balcony, by Kitsum Cheng;
July 16th through August 11th, 2010

Flagging the Balcony.

On the Xchanges exterior balcony: open air art


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