Rebekah Johnson, Andrew Silk, Lindsay Delaronde, and Thomas Chisholm

Opening reception Friday, June 5th, 2009, 7 to 9 p.m.

Exhibition runs through to Sunday, June 28th.

Rebekah Johnson, Andrew Silk, Lindsay Delaronde, and Thomas Chisholm present a diverse range of work, representing the forefront of contemporary Canadian art on the west coast.

Rebekah Johnson’s lit sculpture explores the theme of legacy as expressed through handwriting. Using the construction of a hand bound book or family bible, this piece with its translucent vellum pages, explores how succeeding generations gradually obscure the ones that go before, until nothing is left but handwriting, which is here elevated to the status of, literally, an illuminated manuscript.

Andrew Silk’s sculptures focus on both the functional and the aesthetic. His objects reflect the perceived narrative of the object while questioning these narratives through reinterpretation of the object with scrutiny of medium. Focusing mainly on popular cultural iconographic images, he attempts to confront and upset the object.

Lindsay Delaronde’s series, lakon:kwe, is a series of 16 brightly painted silkscreen prints on paper. The juxtaposed images of Princess Diana and a Pow-Wow Princess creates an interpretation of contemporary native culture.

Thomas Chisholm’s paintings are created within a set of boundaries which remain constant across the body of work. The focus on light and space within each painting cements the work as an autonomous and complex individual within its family. The similarity of each painting creates a situation where small variations between works, now highlighted, undermine the identification of the works as “all the same”.

This group exhibition is comprised of recent work from first-year MFA candidates at the University of Victoria. Our work is diverse in materials and concept; the exhibition places our work together, creating parallel points of reference within our practices.

Our NEXT Exhibition (July 3rd through 12th)

Pigment Parade

Oliver Mitchell’s canvas series of mixed media collage is song on canvas. His process focuses on the kinetics of music, dance, digital media, watercolour, and photography.

Each picture is composed of a series of layers, the first one generally being a watercolour painting, although it could be a collage or photo. As more layers are added, usually 5 or 6 of them, they are digitally merged until the desired effect is attained or as often happens, a surprise!

The art and music of many cultures has always been integral to Oliver’s development as an artist, as he has been so fortunate to have lived in very diverse cities since his birth in Cairo, he has lived in Edinborough, Tokyo, Zagreb, London, Dacca, Istanbul, and in Canada since 1986.

The intention of this body of work is to merge multicultural and mixed media streams — and to facilitate this the artist will introduce the paintings with live guitar and songs in a performance setting.

Gallery Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 1:00–5:00 p.m.


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