Landscrape: A Room To Be Outside In

Claudia Lorenz and Michael Brown
Date: May 11–31, 2007
Opening reception: Friday, May 11, 7:30 pm
Gallery Hours: Saturdays and Sundays noon–4 pm

An organic installation art show created by Claudia Lorenz and Michael Brown of Victoria’s Greensquare Studio —

Greensquare Studio is a collaborative group of contemporary environmental artists who are wholeheartedly fed up with of eco-cynicism, eco-depression, and environmental doom-saying. Greensquare Studio exists to celebrate, revere, and play with Nature, natural processes, and natural materials while devising ways to help species and ecosystems to survive and thrive. Greensquare’s Landscrape art show fuses art with architectural interventions and questions how the spiritual aspect of environmentalist philosophy might be made manifest in art that displays a particular reverence for the organic and found materials.

In becoming “a room to be outside in” the gallery becomes a workbench, a petrie dish, and an archive of questionable notions about what is natural in the landscape and what is not.

The Landscrape show is open on weekends until May 31st, or anytime by appointment. Please contact the artists at:

Claudia Lorenz & Michael Brown
Tel: 250-472-3860 (home)
250-382-0442 (studio)
Email: greensquare(at)


For more information call 382-0442 or email:


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