Treasure and a Joy

Artist: Victoria Edgarr
Genre: Visual Arts Exhibition
Date: January 18–28, 2007
Opening reception:Thursday, January 18, 7:00 pm
Artist’s talk: January 18, 7:30–8 pm
Gallery Hours: Saturday and Sunday 1–4pm

This exhibition features 16 pieces ranging in size from 8-foot to hand-held pieces. The materials used include: Newspaper laminated, painted, and torn into giant necklace shapes; Plaster, shellac, and hundreds of empty abandoned brass ‘findings’ fixed into a curved necklace shape, House paint, loosely handled, on tarpaper replicating necklace patterning.

“Beads and trinkets are fundamental to the notion of Canadian History. From the living artefacts of Pow-Wow Regalia, to the glittering amassed gems of the museums, to the precise personal adornment of everyday people, jewellery is a pervasive companion to human culture.”

Treasure and a Joy is about assigning value: intrinsic value, cultural value, and monetary value; appreciating the value of vitality.

Victoria Edgarr, BFA, works at Ground Zero Printmakers Studio and in her Chinatown studio in Victoria, B.C.
An artist interested in materials and process, she has deep roots in printmaking. Her post-school training began at Atelier Libre de Recherches Graphique (ALRG) and La Guilde Graphique Gallery, Montreal, through which her work has been exhibited and distributed for many years.

Artist books, raku-influenced ceramics, photography, poetry, and three-dimensional object installations are important in her work. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University.

Necklace 'B' (Red Balloons)


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