(intersection of surface and space)

A two-artist exhibition of work by Lisa Murray and Inga Römer
September 08–24, 2006

Friday, Sep. 08:
Public opening reception from 7 to 10pm.

Lisa Murray’s work includes a selection of new paintings that explore themes of light, texture, pattern and repetition which have evolved, in part, as a response to her small, dark studio. Her studio faces west and the small windows struggle to let in light through the cedar trees. As a result she has felt compelled to capture light on her canvas…

The result has been what she calls Light Catchers, paintings that respond as if organically to the quality of light and the time of day. The paintings appear to be in a constant state of transformation: Their colours and shapes become dynamic, shimmering as they catch and reflect the light. She creates the rich textured surfaces using collage techniques and acrylic paint.

Inga Römer was born in Berlin, Germany. During her studies under Silvia Baechli and Franz Ackermann (Karlsruhe, Germany), Inga attended exchange programs in Bratislava, Slovakia and Limerick, Ireland. Travelling through different countries and cultures is an important part of her work as her work draws an immediate connection to her life-experiences.

Inga Römer: Untitled

She paints out of memory or takes structures from photographs. Through the layering of her structures she develops space. It is an adventure for the observer’s eye to discover new worlds from layer to layer. Inga sees her work as a puzzle made out of fragments of the world we are living in. As she brings them to a new context she shows the multi-varieties of this world, ultimately producing new worlds with them. She graduated from the University of Victoria in 2006.

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