Between the Lines

Heidi Bergstrom

This series of 18 paintings, sculpture and installation is the culmination of a body of work initiated in 1991. The title “Between the Lines” is meant both in a literal and figurative sense and suggests that one’s perception of meaning is necessarily subjective and according to each individual.

Our communication and understanding of the world is mostly unvocalized; meaning is filtered through gesture, symbolism, language, colour and form — all uniquely informed by one’s frame of reference created through past experiences.

The geometry of the lines defines pictorial and story telling space while also representing how layered our thought and memory processes are.

There is no such thing as stasis — we sort, store and retrieve information and memories continually, even simultaneously.

In “Between the Lines” the result is an ongoing dialogue between the images that eventually comes off the wall to become a three-dimensional incarnation through sculpture and installation.

In the end it is my hope that the viewer can contemplate and find value in what it means to him or her, although there will be points where we cross over and points where we diverge.

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