ReCreation Room

Art Xchange and Recycling Project

Xchanges is pleased to announce that the ReCreation Room recycled art show and silent auction this Saturday the 15th will feature:

  • Fire spinning by Victoria’s own Primal Fire at 8:30pm
  • Live acoustic (with beautiful vocals) music by Glenna at 9:30pm
  • And a mix of funky tracks arranged by Aaron Speller.

Invite your friends to come and support Canada’s oldest artist-run centre! $5 donation at the door.

Phase 2: Show and Tell
Recycled art silent auction and shakedown
Saturday October 15, 8–12 pm

The Auction:
Finished recycled work will be auctioned off, either in a silent or live auction or a combination thereof. Artists and Xchanges will split the proceeds 50/50, with Xchanges’ portion going towards programming.

The Lead-Up
Artists from Xchanges and the community are invited to participate in the ReCreation Room project, using old, unwanted art and the refuse of industrial capitalism to create new works. Recycled artworks will be auctioned off during the grand finale shakedown with dancing, DJ’s (or possibly live music) and general recycled mayhem. A portion of the proceeds will be used to support Xchanges programming.

Phase 1, Art/Found Object Xchange was
Saturday October 1st, 8–11 pm

The Xchange:
First event, the exchange, on October 1, 8–11 pm, artists come early to set up their things on tables (7–7:30). Bring your unwanted, unfinished, unloved art, as well as any cool funky found objects you may have lying around, and pass them on to be given new incarnations!

You have two weeks to work on your recycled piece of art, in any medium or mediums. Your finished work should be ready to display (such as all hanging hardware should be affixed, etc.) and sell.

For more information call 382-0442 or email:


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