2005 Crossgrain Photography
Show and Sale

Work by members of Crossgrain Photographic Studio:
Kate Seymour, Barry Herring, David Roberts, Lisa Roberts, Shane Johnson, Melanie Moore, Pierre Pomerleau

At Xchanges Gallery, 420 William Street
(in Vic West between Wilson and Esquimalt Roads),
August 05–21, 2005

For more information call 382-0442 or email:


by Kate Seymour

We live in a digital age, where even cellphones can capture photographic images. The modern tools of photography are available to anyone with a computer and the desire to sit in a comfortable chair, clicking mouse buttons and drinking coffee by the glow of their monitor. There are, however, a few people who prefer to use technology developed more than 150 years ago. These Luddites willingly stand on concrete floors in a dark, foul-smelling, fume-filled room, devoting hours to producing one perfect black and white print. They agree that nothing compares to the magic of watching their image appear from a blank page in the red glow of the darkroom. They're the members of Crossgrain Photographic Studio and they're having their annual exhibit and sale.

Spiral. Wet.

by Kate Seymour

by Kate Seymour



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