The Thingamabobs That Do The Jobs

At Xchanges Gallery, 420 William Street
(in Vic West between Wilson and Esquimalt Roads),
June 02–19, 2005

For more information call 382-0442 or email:

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Megan Dickie (Victoria)
  • Troi Donnelly (Victoria)
  • Paula Maloney (Victoria)
  • Jeff Bezaire (Windsor)

The artists have come together under the common thread of being preoccupied with the details of industry. Each of the artists is fascinated by how gadgets, gizmos and tools work their way into our identities. These artists have chosen to act as artist, designer, engineer, and advocate — offering thoughtful commodities for contemporary sensibilities.

Industrious and innovative, the work in The Thingamabobs that do the Jobs incorporates such diverse mediums as intricate drawing, monotype prints, cross-stitch and leather work.

The Thingamabobs That Do The Jobs.


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